Student membership is open for registration to learn more about SPARK STEMTM events first in your area for a chance to earn funding for college, learn when TINY SPARK Grants, scholarships, and STEM clubs reimbursement purse availability.

Membership is open!

Where is the Tiny SPARK Science and Technology Mobile Classroom located across the nation? When are SPARK STEMTM Bootcamps hosted and tons more to support STEM education and research initiatives in the nation and soon Canada.

Our nationally known Teachers Corner is open for support, supplies, and materials needed in classrooms across the nation. Teachers or students submit your story and classroom support needs today, while supplies last!

ALERT: We are now on the hunt for a new bigger office space and warehouse to store the overwhelming number of donations and contributions from our sponsors Wal-Mart, Target, Dicks Sporting Goods and others just to name a few to support the “Teachers Corner” project and “Trash to Treasure” intercity youth campaign toward the initiative to serve as many teachers and underserved students we can reach across North America.

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