Happy Women’s Month #BalanceForBetter #BeBoldForChange

Happy Women’s Month! We are in full swing of the 2019 #BalancForBetter campaign promoted by International Women’s Day organizers on March 8th for the 2019 mission to foster women’s lives with balance for the betterment of their future.Me and Pam

The National STEM Society is a women-owned and operated business by a group of multicultural women leaders in communities across cultures on a mission to support balancing the playing field for women, girls and underserved youth interest in STEM careers, fields and entrepreneurship.

Each day many women go into private institutions or corporate America and experience reduced inclusion, oppression, discrimination, lack of equality, and much more. How can we encourage diversity acceptance, being bold for change, equal pay, and inclusion? With support from each other to a common goal to help all women who experience injustice in there work-life.

Why do many leaders ignore equality, inclusion, and diversity of multicultural people?

Join us in the research of issues inequality, diversity and non-inclusion topics to find out what we can do to support proactive change for all women impacted in a negative way.






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