A heart to serve

As WISe discover new ways to help underserved communities across cultures.

I discovered yesterday while knocking on doors to pray for others and hand out snack to kids that most people liked the interaction and not the feeling of sympathy from others. As a mother, I often find myself trying to empathize with single mothers or grandmothers due to my biological mother was a single mother who expressed, “she never want to see sympathy in the eyes of her support system”. My grandmother often had eyes of sorrow for her lost girls. As a wife, business women, and educator for over 30 years of her life she could not recover from the loss of losing two of her 3 daughters to a unforgiving world after the passing of husband from diabetes. At age 4, my grandmother expressed to me she learned the hard way that education is the key to strengthening lost communities, people, and souls and to always be a raven of hope in the garden of lost souls as she stared out the window of her mothers home looking at the white horses chase each other in the fenced training field. I remember that day like it was yesterday but I did not understand the lesson at age 4 but today, August 1, 2020 in the storm of pandemic and movement of the Black Lives Matters impact on my family, community, and the world I now understand the meaning and lesson of her words very clearly.

Volunteering in Forest Cove Apartments underserved community in Atlanta every Saturday since June has opened my eyes, mind, and heart to serve others in a way to become a messenger from a spirit of patience, love, and grace for communities across cultures.

I woke up this morning thinking about the comment from my grandmother expression of love, knowledge sharing, and life lessons at age 4 and started researching the essence and spirit of a Raven. Why would GOD create such a mysterious black bird? Some have reported the Raven to be a representation of death due to it is a savager of its food source from dead remains. The ancient text states the Raven is an intelligent black bird that is a messenger between the material world and the spiritual world.

As a teacher, my grandmother often described the characteristics of animals in nature to capture the attention of children then proceed with her lessen plan of life or education requirement for the classes she taught. I borrowed some of her techniques due to the elephant, giraffe, eagle, and lion has always sparked my interest to study. Today the Raven has my attention to start a new project in the garden of dead souls in Atlanta as a beckon of hope named the Raven of Hope.

Stay tone for the implementation of the Raven of Hope Project. I can’t wait to share my thoughts on how this new project will bring forth a positive impact and outcome in broken communities across cultures were WISe can connect during to the devastation of the 2020 pandemic. We will grow orchids in dead gardens in desperate need of H20 and a bright light from above.

Stay Safe and SPARK STEM 365!






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