A SPARK S.T.E.M™ DAY is a behind the scenes educational experience offered in a business STEM GO-LIVE productive environment toward the purpose to educate, initiate, and innovate young minds for tomorrow with Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts, and Mathematics within corporate American every February each year during the National Engineering Week.

A SPARK S.T.E.M™ Day is organized to engage a GO-LIVE business view of STEM education, careers, and fields in an action-driven environment with demonstrations, professional speakers, and educational games to provoke a SPARK S.T.E.M 365™ learn-n-play experience of STEM best practices and processes in the 21st-century workforce.

SPARK STEM 365 offers day camps, weekend boot camps, recreational workshops, and hackathons in communities near you. To RSVP click here or email for more information.

Want a SPARK S.T.E.M 365 Day at your recreation center, school, or community event?

The Tiny SPARK S.T.E.M 365™ labs were created just for you.                                     

SAMPLE SPARK STEM LAB: Learn how science and math collide to create tasty 100% plant based treats. Mother Earth’s elements thrive in STEM education and exploration.

All safety tools and materials are provided on arrival at the event site.

SPARK STEM Labs (Science, Technology, Engineering, Art, Robotics, or Math) programming starts at a count of 10 students. Each additional student or group of 20, 30, 40, or 50+ count has a different price and supplies package. Select a STEM lab to execute a fun learn-n-play experiment at your location. We will arrive 1 hour prior to STEM lab learn-n-play scheduled event time to set-up, produce, and support clean-up after every STEM lab.

What you and all participants can enjoy?

  • 2 SPARK STEM CREW Members per group of 10 studentCiena Stem Spark-115
  • SPARK STEM Table Runner (you do not keep)
  • Mini cups and spoons or straws
  • Lab Supplies (you do not keep)
  • Equipment (you do not keep)
  • Lab coats
  • Googles
  • Gloves
  • 3 hours (2-hour lab) (to include before and after lab set-up and clean-up time)

SCHOOL PROGRAMMING PACKAGES START AT $500 and up for the first 10 students. Add $40 for each additional participant. Each additional hour is $50 per hour and the cost of additional supplies is $40 per selection of ingredients. All cooking essentials discovery classes includes all 1 set of goggles, a apron, and plastic gloves for each participating student to keep.

NOTE: Safety and Security are our team top priority with zero tolerance for unsafe or unsecured practices for all programs offered by the National STEM Society or SPARK STEM 356 brands. Please contact us immediate if you have any questions or concern about our safety policy. Thank you


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