Teachers Corner

The Teachers Corner is a one-stop-shop for teacher support, materials, and resource tools to help productive learn-n-play classroom STEM initiatives.Teachers Corner icon2

The Teachers Corner Building box full of wonderful classroom recommended supplies, materials, and other funded resources created strictly for teachers to gain additional tools to operate their productive, fun, and inspirational classroom for their students.

Teachers, how can we help you be more successful in your classroom. The Teachers Corner is open to serve teachers and students in need of school supplies and materials 3 times a year. Teachers can submit a request for support by telling us your story, why/what you need to support your classroom and provide a list of classroom or student’s primary needs. We cannot guarantee all items on a classroom list. However, we will do our best to meet your needs.

Please note, SPARK STEM 356 warehouse is stocked through in-kind contributions and donations.

Students may submit inquiries on behalf of a teacher or student in need of support. To learn more, submit your inquiry for help while supplies last. The Teachers Corner is open on a quarterly basis for 30 days to receive, review, and approve submissions for support.

Email teacherscorner@nationaltradeshow bannerstemsociety.org or click here to contact us. For students only, title your inquiry “Teachers Corner Student Submission” in your email message or comment area in the contact us form.

NOTE: The Teachers Corner Committee will respond within 72 hours to all inquiries as resources are available and collected to provide this service to public school teachers or students on a quarterly basis during the Fall, Winter, and Spring months.

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